The Granatium, an extraordinary family-friendly theme park all about the "stone of love and passion", is located in the centre of Radenthein. To spend enough time in our experiential world, you have to calculate approx. 2 hours for your visit.

Our theme park is based on four pillars.

1. The Main Building with the entrance and exit area: Here you will find the ticket booth, the shop and the gemstone grindery. On the first floor you will find the stunning Garnet Exhibition and the Garnet Room that is currently under construction.

2. The Garnet Gallery with all its hidden secrets and the unique opportunity to explore the largest accessible garnet veins in Europe.

3. The Digging Grounds, where you can dig garnet gemstones yourself and process them.

4. The open-air terrain with drinking-water fountain, a wooden bridge, a suspension bridge and a ropeway for experienced hikers by which you can explore the stretch of the Garnet Gorge that starts at the vantage point "Blauer Tumpf" and ends at the large dam, either with a guide or by yourself (at your own risk). (Length about 1,000m.)


Granatium Radenthein
Klammweg 10
9545 Radenthein
Tel.: +43 4246 29135

Opening hours

April to October

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